Doctoral school network


Doctoral school network

Presentation of the network

Since 2011, the RESCAM (Réseau Création Arts Médias) inter-university Creation, Arts and Media Network has brought together 18 doctoral schools in France. Around 4,000 doctoral students and more than 1,000 academics benefit from an extensive network to develop, disseminate and promote research in the Arts and Media. By including “Creation” in its title, the network demonstrates its interest in research that reflects on its own process and generates tools and approaches that are constantly better suited to artistic and cultural change in the contemporary world. A research in tune with its time and with new integration opportunities for young researchers are explored through innovative ways, alongside more traditional training offered by doctoral schools, calls for contributions, thesis grants, mission offers, etc.


Aware of the complexity and convinced of the virtues of heterogeneity, the CAM network is keen to develop partnerships with the arts and culture sector, but also with institutional and private partners. Its aim is to give research in Arts and Media the visibility it deserves, in a society in which Arts and Media participate in intellectual development and, most of the time, in the construction of the future.

The network’s tasks

The main mission of RESCAM is to support doctoral schools in promoting the doctorate in Arts and Media.

The network enables directors to exchange concerning doctoral supervision and professional integration of PhDs, while considering the specificities of each university. It also participates in the reflection on the future of the doctorate in Arts and Media.

It contributes to sharing achievements that represent an added value in relation to the missions of doctoral schools (cross-sectoral seminars, workshops, summer universities, thesis prizes and other innovative initiatives).

More broadly, it aims to foster networking with public and private partners to increase visibility of doctoral training programs in Arts and Media and to work for a better recognition of arts disciplines in socio-economic and cultural sectors, especially by highlighting the innovation process through Arts.

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