Within the context of the implementation of the unique doctorate as defined in the Decree of May 25, 2016, the CAM Network (Creation, Arts and Media) promotes the idea of ​​a research doctorate in creation, based on a diversity of specialities/subjects, trainings, evaluation and career development policies. The purpose of this Vade mecum is to present the common principles for research that requires a strong commitment to the practice of artistic creation.

  1. In this doctorate, the relation to practice is essential, as much as the epistemological scope of research developed in the thesis writing process. In any case, the quality of both the theoretical and artistic dimensions are at the core of the value of the thesis.
  1. The forms of the thesis vary according to the artistic production. The doctorate will demonstrate a singular approach in a field of international artistic references and the ability of the PhD student to explain the process followed, in light of the work carried out.
  1. The critical reflection must be based on an assertive methodology and a relevant heuristic questioning process. The ability to experiment, analyze, problematize, argue and contextualize the artistic practice guarantees the contribution of new knowledge in the field of arts.
  1. Depending on the needs of the thesis, an art professional can be associated with the thesis supervisor in accordance with the terms proposed in article 16 of the Decree of May 25, 2016.
  1. The theoretical text should include approximately 450,000 signs, more or less 250 pages complemented by annexes and / or documentation on artistic practice.
  1. The thesis must be completed within the time frame as foreseen in the texts, that is three years full time and six years part time.
  1. The thesis defense will consist of presenting both the theoretical essay and the practical work in the form of a substantial presentation: exhibition, installation, projection, performance, reading, concert, film, etc., for the jury members and the audience.

Paris, April 8, 2019, 17 doctoral schools, members of the CAM Network (Creation, Arts and Media)