SFR Creation/Arts in the Alps/UGA  launches a series of interdisciplinary meetings within the frame of the SHARE project – Science humanities, art, research, experimentation.


 SHARE project

Destined to researchers and doctoral students who are interested in practices in research in creation, SHARE provides a framework for:

  • crossing various research approaches and methods;
  • sharing feedback about practices in research creation;
  • discussing current research activities.

Quarterly meetings (through webinars and/or physically), aim to: 

  • encourage dialogue among the members of various scientific communities, doctoral students and artists;
  • contribute to the emergence of new projects and to the development of new methods and approaches linked to research in creation.

 The programme of the first SHARE meeting includes:

  • A presentation of the project
  • Anne Cayuela’s contribution. She will be speaking of her own experience in research-creation within the context of the project entitled: Sabbath of our loneliness. Narrated, sung and danced performance.  

We are looking forward to seeing many of you share their experiences in research creation.