The European TransMigrARTS project, funded under Horizon 2020 and supported by Toulouse’s Université Jean Jaurès, is entering its fourth and final phase.

Over the next two years, in addition to implementing applied theater workshops for migrants in the four network countries, the whole team will be taking up the challenge of publishing the first book on Applied Creative Research.


>> Call for entries TransMigrARTS fr, with the possibility of publishing in three languages (Spanish, French, English).

>> Proposals to be submitted by Avril 1, 2024

>> Contacts : Monique Martinez | Sonia Castillo Ballén


This is also one of the first songs in the musical comedy about migration that Mexican author Omar Olvera is devising as the research progresses. The premiere will take place in Madrid in July 2025, during the Summer University at the end of the program, in the presence of Armand McClown, who accompanies the scientific communication of the University’s projects: