Editions Les Presses du réel
ISBN : 978-2-37896-429-0
Format : 15 x 21 cm – 248 pages

Presentation :

On the border between arts and surveillance studies, this book analyzes the technopolitical role of new “machines vision” and considers sousveillance as a democratic counter-power.

At a time when surveillance is becoming commonplace, digital technologies seem to serve an “anti-social” policy. Under the guise of shared vigilance, states have adopted increasingly intrusive technologies: video surveillance, data surveillance, drones, biometrics, geolocation, facial recognition, RFID, etc. In this context, artists and citizen associations are joining forces to develop counter-fires, to regain control or to reverse the roles of the surveillants/supervised.

Jean-Paul Fourmentraux, socio-anthropologist (PhD) and art critic (AICA), is professor at the University of Aix-Marseille and member of the Norbert Elias Center (UMR-CNRS 8562) at the École des Hautes Études in Social Sciences (EHESS). He is the author of several books on digital (counter-)cultures, including Art et Internet (CNRS ed., 2010), L’Ère Post-media (Hermann, 2012), L’oeuvre Virale. Net art et culture Hacker (La lettre volée, 2013), Identités numériques (CNRS ed. 2015), antiDATA. La désobéissance numérique (Les presses du réel, 2020).

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